1. Please present your passport or identity card to check in at the Reception.
  2. The resort is only responsible for properties or money deposited at the front desk
  3. Do not bring firearms, explosives, toxic substances, addictive substances, pets or stinking food into the room. No cooking, laundry in the lounge.
  4. Do not change or move furniture in the room or from room to room. In case the property and utensils are lost or damaged due to subjectivity, you will have to compensate 100% of the value.
  5. Please do not change rooms or bring more people into the room without first registering with the Reception.
  6. If relatives are visiting, please contact the Reception to arrange reception.
  7. When leaving the room, please remove the key card from the power outlet and send it at the front desk. Electricity in the room will automatically shut down when the door is closed.
  8. If you detect a fire phenomenon in the resort, please urgently seek to notify the people in the nearest area and calmly follow the fire prevention and fighting instructions.
  9. Check-in time is 14:00. Check-out time is 12 hours, if later there will be an additional charge accordingly. In case of need, please contact Reception.
  10. Before leaving the resort, please pay all the bills and return the room key to the receptionist.

When you check in, check if equipment in the room works normally, if there is a problem of damage please notify the reception immediately.

If any equipment is damaged or lost in your accommodation time, your will be required to compensate for the loss at market prices.

Check out time is 12:00 noon. If you check out later than that, the Resort will charge an additional overtime fee according to the following:

  • After 12h – 15h surcharge 30% of room rate
  • After 15:00 – 18:00 surcharges 50% of room rate
  • After 18h 100% surcharge of the room rate

Still have not found the answer? Contact the Hotline 0913839377 or ask us using the form below